Rules & Policies

Refunds And Exchanges Accepted within 5 business days once delivered.

Must be in original packaging and not worn. 

Sayless Fam I Got You   remains committed to providing support and resources to our most vulnerable community. We are a NYC based company that has continued to support DOCCS inmates and facilities with foods and essential products. Our shipping continues to take place twice weekly however, orders may be delayed due to specific brand availability. We will substitute products whenever possible to complete a food order. Food products are substituted with brands or equal or greater value. We ask that you communicate this information with the person you are purchasing for. 

1. Food orders that contain perishable items (Meats & Vegetables) must be purchased the week prior for immediate shipping. We accept these orders Monday thru Wednesday for the following week shipping. At times the order will be held to the following week if one or more items are unavailable however arriving the next week to ensure a complete order. When this occurs that order will ship the following Monday or Tuesday.  Orders will be held if they don't meet our shipping cut-off point due to the facility require 2 day transit or if the package room is experiencing delays issuing orders. Our main concern is freshness and the health of the men and women receiving the order. 

2. We have a 97% completion rate for shipping all items within an order. We encourage you to allow substitutions to ensure a more completed order.  All substitutes are equal to and/or grater in value. Substituted items are noted in the invoice that both the facility & recipient receives. 

3. Should there be any issues of missing items within an order; please review the order notes listed in your account. This information will be listed in the comments section of the order invoice received by the facility and the recipient. If those items are not listed in the invoice as not sent, not substituted, then we request a copy of the Package Issuance Form the recipient receives whenever a package is issued to them. This form provides an itemized list of the items they received in the order and it's signed by the officer and the recipient. If this document is not forwarded,